The BIO4SELF meeting. Gjern, Denmark. May 30, 2016.

Meeting at COMFIL

Gjern, Denmark, May 30, 2016.

On May 30th the project partners that are involved in work packages 2 and 3 (COMFIL, CTB, ITA, UM) met with support from WP 4 partner DTU in Gjern, Denmark. The meeting started with a status update on WP 2 and material planning for the hybrid yarn production. After that several WP 3 topics like procedures and material needs to continue in the composite sample production as well as testing were discussed. This included a tour through COMFIL’s facilities and a demonstration of their testing equipment. In the evening some attendees visited the “Himmelbjerget” (sky mountain), the second highest… hill… of Denmark (147 m above sea level).